Monday, 31 January 2011

BEWARE CEA Survey...

Service personnel who are in receipt of CEA and a random selection of non-claimants have been asked to complete a questionnaire on the allowance. The survey originates from an independent organisation feeding the current review on CEA. The Federation has had sight of the survey and considers it to include leading questions and are keen to hear the views of those who have been asked to complete it...More information »

Mirror Campaigns Against Changes to Service Pensions

The Mirror newspaper has today launched a 'Pensions Fit For Heroes' Campaign to fight Forces cuts. Chris Hughes, Mirror correspondent, points out the government is changing the basis upon which Service pensions are calculated. From April they will be based on the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) rather than the Retail Price Index (RPI) as they are at the moment, causing a huge decrease in payouts...More information »

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Crew in Hospital after Tornado Crash

The crew of a Tornado GR4 are recovering in hospital after ejecting from their aircraft off the west coast of Scotland. The Tornado, from Lossiemouth, hit the water of Loch Ewe, near Gairloch, Western Ross. The crew are said to have reported fire on board before they ejected from the aircraft yesterday afternoon. It is thought both crew members are suffering from minor injuries...

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Quick Vote - Allowances


The general consensus on the outcome of the Allowances Review seems to be that 'It was not as bad as expected'. Do you agree with this statement?

Scrapping Nimrod is 'Folly'

Six ex-military chiefs have written to the Telegraph expressing their utter dismay at the scraping of the Nimrod MR4..AVM Tony Mason; Maj Gen Patrick Cordingley; Marshal of the RAF Lord Craig; Air Cdr Andrew Lambert; Maj Gen Julian Thompson and Adm Sir John Woodward all put their names to the letter. They said: 'A massive gap in British security has opened... 

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Report in the Telegraph is 'Not Helpful'

The MoD have been irritated by a report in today's Telegraph which says, 'The Armed Forces are braced for another round of drastic cuts as the Ministry of Defence has to make up a £1.6 billion shortfall for the next financial year'. The MoD responded by saying: "Premature speculation is not helpful to the process, to our Armed Forces, or our industry...More information »

Over 330 Quarters Flooded

Over 330 SFA were flooded during the freeze this winter representing unprecedented levels for MHS to deal with. Many occupants had to be moved from their Service accommodation into hotels, contact houses and other alternative accommodation. The situation has highlighted a number of inconsistencies and some customers have been left wondering what they are entitled to claim and what they are not..More information »

New Globemaster for 99 Sqn

The Prime Minister has unveiled a new C-17 Globemaster at Brize Norton. The transport aircraft will bolster the airbridge between the UK and frontline operations. The aircraft has been declared ready and will start flying personnel and equipment to the frontline in February. He said, "What I am looking at is the investment we're making to make sure that we succeed in Afghanistan... More information »

Friday, 21 January 2011

"Where it Hits, It Will Hurt"

Dawn McCafferty, Chairman of the RAF FF, said of yesterdays Allowances Review, "On the up side, in all honesty, not as draconian as we had feared but still a sharp intake of breath for some, particularly those who claim a combination of effected allowances, those in London, and those serving overseas on a permanent basis. But this is going to hit some harder than others and where it hits, it will hurt. Depending on individual circumstances, these cuts may well make the difference between a junior Serviceperson and his/her family 'just getting by' and tipping over into debt and financial crisis, particularly if they have children and the partner does not work. When combined with a 2-year pay freeze, the increase in VAT, soaring fuel prices, base closures and a forthcoming redundancy programme, these cuts will convince many Service personnel and their families that they are not valued and that their quality of life is being eroded to such a degree that a military career is no longer attractive...

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Service Allowances - The Axe has Fallen...

The review of Allowances has today been announced. They are hard hitting and across the board with those in London being particularly hard hit as are those claiming Home to Duty. The MoD acknowledge the severity of the cuts and said, "These changes will be unpopular" and "some of them may require adjustments to lifestyle". Here we provide an 'at-a-glance' look at the alterations...More information »

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Housing - Making a Complaint

Housing - Making a Complaint 

Allowances - Chances are we will know by the Weekend

The Allowance Package is being overhauled as part of the SDSR cutbacks. Preliminary announcements on CEA(Board) have already been made and it is expected that the details of the cuts and changes to all other allowances will be announced imminently. These changes will effect everyone serving. As soon as we have the details we will make them available on the site...More information »

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Useful deployment information

£200M to Scrap MRA4

The MoD has announced it is to cost £200m to halt the Nimrod MRA4 project scrapped as part of SDSR. BAE were building nine aircraft and the enormous amount of money is thought to also cover compensation to BAE. A MoD spokesman said: Ministers and Service chiefs made clear that the decision not to bring the Nimrod MRA4 into service had been a difficult one... 

Monday, 17 January 2011

RAF - Top Rated Employer for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual People

For the first time the RAF has appeared on Stonewall Top 100 list of employers for lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Britain. Air Member for Personnel, ACM Andy Pulford said: 'The RAF has participated in Stonewall's 'Top 100' scheme since 2007 and has consistently improved its rating year-on-year, which is extremely encouraging. I am delighted...More information »

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Smoothing the Way - Resettlement

The Career Transition Partnership is an initiative between the MoD and Rights Coutts Ltd and is intended to provide a resettlement service to eligible service leavers. Resettlement is designed to smooth the way for those leaving the Service and to move successfully into a second career appropriate to the individual's skills, knowledge, experience and aspirations... 

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Our Stories in RAF News - The CSA is Prejudiced against Service Partners

Dear Families Federation, I am currently serving on exchange in the United States. I live here with my wife, her two children from a previous relationship and our baby. My wife's ex-partner was paying maintenance for his children, however, once we got to the USA he stopped paying. When my wife pursued this through the CSA, she was told that they would not assist because she was not a UK resident. She appealed, explaining again that she was in the US only because I am a Crown Servant. Following the appeal she was told that her residence with me was entirely voluntary and therefore the CSA would not take the case. To obtain the maintenance that her children are entitled to the CSA expect her to move back to UK, splitting up our family, to the detriment of us, the older children and our baby...More information »

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Allowances Review - Be Prepared

Since the SDSR announcement we have known there is to be a 'significant reduction in the future personal allowances package'. It was expected the detail would be released before Christmas however it was delayed with only the changes to CEA(Board) made known. It is now expected that the review of the more far-reaching allowances will be made before the end of January...More information »

5131 to Feature on the One Show

The RAF’s 5131 (Bomb Disposal) Squadron, based at Wittering, features on Tue 11 Jan's edition of the One Show. The programme at 7pm, carries a report by Dan Snow on how the three Services train for and tackle unexploded WW2 ordnance in the UK. 5131 (BD) Squadron makes weekly detonations and also provides highly trained personnel for the counter-IED task in Afghanistan...More information »

Monday, 10 January 2011

Quick Vote - Pupil Premium

Have you registered your child for the Pupil Premium at school (It is worth £200)? Closing date 20 Jan 11.

Quick Vote and Pupil Premium article

2011 Will be Just as Difficult...

Liam Fox has been on a three day visit to Afghanistan. He spoke to service personnel on the latest hand-over plans and praised them on all that has been achieved so far. But his message was clear - 2011 is likely to be just as difficult as 2010. He said, "We are determined to leave Afghanistan in a safer, more stable state than we found it. Al-Qaeda will never again have a safe haven in Afghanistan...More information »

In Death, Acting Ranks will Now be Recognised

Changes have been made to the pension and compensation packages for beneficiary of Service personnel who die as a result of service. At the moment, death benefits are calculated on the substantive rank held at the date of death, unless an acting rank was held for over a year. Now death benefits will be calculated on the acting rank. For deaths since Apr 05 a single payment of £20,000 will be made...More information »