Saturday, 27 October 2012

RAF Scoop Top Accolade in the Race for Opportunity Awards

The RAF has been highly commended for its efforts to encourage youngsters from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds to study science, technology, engineering and maths. Sqn Ldr Sarah Maskell said: "This was a fantastic achievement when facing fierce competition from large multinational organisations such as Goldman Sachs, Pricewaterhouse Coopers and Shell...More information »

We are Listening - Help shape Your Federation's Future

With the appointment of our new Director, we thought it was a good time to think about what we should do in the future and how we should do it. Of course it’s not actually what we think that’s important….it’s what you want from your Federation that’s important. So we want to hear your thoughts and opinions so that we can try and meet your expectations. 13 short questions gives you the opportunity to help shape our approach and to express your views through the comments boxes. Please click on the moving icon above and take a few moments – we really do value you opinions...More info

Images of Female Engagement Officers on show in the Oxo Tower

A series of images of Female Engagement Officers and their work in Afghanistan is being displayed in London's Oxo Tower. Former RAF Sgt Alison Baskerville's exhibition 'The White Picture' highlights how women, both British and Afghan, respond to the often austere conditions in which they find themselves. Alison said: "I wanted to show an alternative view... I didn't want to show them as exceptional or different...More information »

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

RAF has not 'Urgently purchased more Drones'

The Guardian newspaper (23 Oct 12) has claimed that the RAF has to make an urgent purchase of five more Reaper drones, which will be the first to be controlled from a UK base. A MoD spokesman said: "This article merely confirms long-standing MoD/RAF plans which were announced as far back as Dec 10, and then reiterated in 2011...More information »

F-16s at RAF Leeming...

Trial Mace XIV, held at RAF Spadeadam, was the first to be hosted by the UK, with RAF Leeming hosting some of Europe's top pilots along with five F-16 jets. The exercise is the latest in a series of initiatives run by NATO countries since 1978. Sqn Ldr Paul Sanders said: "Every nationality comes with its own testing agenda so it's varied. The trial involved personnel from Belgium, Austria, Canada, Spain, Italy, Greece...More information »

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Temporary Closure of the Thetford HASC - Thu 18 Oct 12

We have been advised that the Thetford Housing Allocations Service Centre (HASC) will close temporarily on Thu 18 Oct 12. The closure is to allow for staff briefings on DIO Transformation. DIO apologise for the inconvenience this may cause...More information »

Recognising the skills of RAF Photographers

The RAF has been celebrating the production of some of its finest imagery during the annual Photographic Competition, in an awards ceremony at the RAF Club in London. In the 23rd year of the competition it still serves to recognise the skills and highly technical competence of the Royal Air Force photographers, both service and civilian. Competition categories range from operational profiles and current military...More information »

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Design of new Armed Forces Pension Scheme is agreed

The Defence Secretary, Philip Hammond, has announced the final agreement with the Government on the design of the new Armed Forces Pension scheme. To be introduced in Apr 15, for all serving personnel, the main parameters for the new Armed Forces Pension Scheme will form the basis for detailed implementation...More information »

Monday, 15 October 2012

Furore over 'lobbying' by top-ranking retired Officers

There were claims over the weekend that top-ranking retired military officers have been secretly filmed boasting about lobbying to win multi-million pound defence deals for arms firms in breach of official rules. In response a MoD spokesman said: "We will be looking to see if any of these individuals have broken any rules. It is clear that former chiefs acting in a commercial capacity should not have any privileged access...More information »

MoD test new Laser Eye Protection for Pilots

A new type of laser eye protection for pilots is being tested by the MoD. The protection can filter out different wavelengths of light from the spectrum, including those used in laser weapons of different types and laser pens, which are becoming increasingly available from the internet. Dr Craig Williamson said: "There are an increasing number of incidents of inexpensive lasers being used to distract pilots so we have been...More information »

Your words are put before the Armed Forces Pay Review Body

Bill Mahon, Director of the RAF Families Federation, sat face to face with the Armed Forces Review Body last week to put before them the case for RAF families. The subject of pay and allowances is very close to people's hearts and Bill was able to make a strong case, thanks to the huge response to the Federation's survey conducted in June. Here Bill speaks to Patrick Eade of BFBS Radio on what he said and how it was received. Bill makes the point that it is only the three Families Federations that get to see 'the whites of their eyes' as he put it, and express directly the families view...More information

Friday, 12 October 2012

A Good Idea to Check the Heating

Whilst the weather has been a bit all over the place this year, it’s a good idea to check your heating, if you haven't already done so(!) to make sure it is working correctly before the winter weather turns nasty. If you are in SFA and discover any problems with your heating, please report them immediately to your maintenance helpdesk, as this will give them time to resolve the issue before you really need your heating....More information »

See the Premiere of the new James Bond film - Skyfall

Tickets for Troops has teamed up with the new James Bond adventure, Skyfall, to offer fifty pairs of tickets for the film’s Royal World Premiere at The Royal Albert Hall, on 23 Oct 12. A spokesman from Sony Pictures UK said: ”We are delighted to support Tickets For Troops which is dedicated to recognising and rewarding the fantastic work carried out by members of Britain’s Armed Forces...More information »

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Half-term thrills from Duxford

This October half term, the Imperial War Museum at Duxford invites you to find out more about the dangerous and thrilling missions of RAF Bomber Command during the Second WW. Esther Blaine of the Museum writes: 'Every day, from Sat 27 Oct to Sun 4 Nov, hear amazing true tales of aerial warfare told by our enthralling storyteller. We’ll be showing the Lancaster from the perspective of people who...More information »

Monday, 8 October 2012

MoD Launch New Defence Discount Service

The MoD has launched a new Defence Discount Service, as part of the Armed Forces Covenant, in recognition of service in the Armed Forces. Those it is open to include: Serving and Reserve personnel and their spouses/partners. The Defence Secretary said: "We owe a great debt to the members of the Armed Forces and this is an opportunity for businesses to show their gratitude and support...More information »

Government gives extra funds to injured personnel, Service children and Reserves

The Government is showing commitment to Armed Forces personnel by giving extra financial support to injured Service personnel, Service children and Reserves. There is a £5 million boost for the Headley Court; The Pupil Premium is increased from £250 to £300 per pupil and in a new measure civil servants from Government Departments who volunteer as Reservists will be guaranteed a 10 days Special Paid Leave...More information »

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

MoD puts Wg Cdr Andy Green back in the SuperSonic Driving Seat

The MoD have announced that the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car Project is in a bid to smash the land speed record. This ground-breaking UK project aims to design and build a car capable of 1,000 mph, eclipsing the current record set by RAF pilot Wg Cdr Andy Green in the Thrust SuperSonic Car in 1997. And it is Andy who will drive the new car, powered by a Typhoon jet engine and a hybrid rocket...More information »

The way UK SFA Complaints are made has Changed

From Mon 1 Oct 12, the way that complaints are made for UK Service Family Accommodation is changing. It is hoped the introduction of the new system will improve the consistency and handling of First Stage complaints – when they are directed against DIO Ops Accommodation staff or services. All First Stage DIO complaints will now be overseen by the DIO Ops Accommodation Customer Service...More information »

Reporting your strong views to the AFPRB - Pay, Pensions etc

As part of the Federation's evidence-gathering activity, we ran a survey on the subject of ‘Pay, Pensions and Other Stuff’.Our reason for seeking views on these subjects was to inform the evidence we provide on your behalf to the Armed Forces Pay Review Body. Our suspicions were that RAF personnel and their families were beginning to...More information »

Monday, 1 October 2012

Operational Honours and Awards - RAF

The full list of Operational Honours and Awards which recognises service on operations in Afghanistan and national operations for the period 1 Oct 11 to 30 Mar 12 has been issued today 28 Sep 12. The Queen's Commendation for Bravery in the Air has been awarded Master Aircrewman Richard Mark TAYLOR and Flight Sergeant Niall Steven HANSON. The Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service has been awarded...More information »

Would you help with the development of a new Financial website?

The RBL are putting together a new financial website for the Service community and are looking for volunteers via email and telephone to allow their independent agency to conduct research. As a Serving member of the Armed Forces or a close family member is this something you could help with? Dharan Hunter of the RBL said: It is important we consider the views and comments of Service families...More information »