Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Domestic Violence

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence is looking for applications from people who have personal experience or knowledge of domestic violence to become a community member of the group developing guidance on preventing it. Community members will play a key role in making sure that the views and interests of people who experience or are exposed to domestic violence inform the NHS, local authorities and...More information »

Dogs on Ops

102 Military Working Dog Sqn has taken over the role of commanding the Theatre Military Working Dog Support Unit in Afghanistan. Corporal 'Fozzy' Foster, RAF Police, said of his dog, "Mac is playful, but when it comes to doing his job he is focused and thorough. The dogs provide that extra feeling of safety and security to the humans they work with. They have no agenda...More information »

CDS says How Proud He Is

Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir David Richards has written to the Daily Telegraph expressing his pride in the UK's Armed Forces' role in Libya. In his letter he writes: 'This was a truly joint operation by the Armed Forces at the peak of their form...'Our Armed Forces were able to play a key role in a great team effort...'I am proud of our actions in combat...More information »

NATO will stay Not a Moment Longer than is Necessary

Following the announcement by Libya's National Transitional Council that the country has now been fully liberated, UK Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said NATO operations there will continue for as long as necessary, but not a moment longer. NATO Secretary General said: "We have taken a preliminary decision to end Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR on 31 Oct 11, and will take a formal decision in the next few days...See full details

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Quick Vote

Quick Vote - As a Service family member have you experienced difficulty accessing health services or funding as a direct result of an assignment between PCTs or health areas? If 'Yes', please email us: with details so we can follow up. Click Here

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Recognised for their Outstanding Medical Achievements

Six medical professionals have won the Barclays Women of the Year Award for their work with injured members of the Armed Forces. Sgt Laura Odell who spent four months in Afghanistan, has completed a tour at Selly Oak and at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital said: "The award is a great honour and we are so touched to be recognised for the day-to-day job that we love. Our aim is to provide the best care for military...More information »

LAST CALL - Is all as it should be?

Is your work/life balance what it should be? How do you think an RAF family should be defined? Is the operational tempo too high? Do you have access to adequate childcare? Is the pay and allowance package now about right? Should MoD accommodation continue to be provided? If you are a teenager of RAF parent(s) do you enjoy moving schools regularly? These are just some of the questions the RAF Families Federation have been asking in order to gauge the view of RAF personnel and their family members. The team uses the evidence it receives to influence the high level debates which will shape the Airforce. If you haven't yet had your say its not too late! Please click on the the blue computer icon above. There are six topics and all questions are multiple choice. Please complete as many or as few as you wish. There are no identifying details taken and there are comment boxes throughout if you wish to say more. We would certainly value your input...More information »

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Last Posting Dates for Christmas

The Enduring Free Mail Service has been authorised for Op HERRICK, Op KIPION and HM Ships in Support. The Latest posting dates for Christmas 11 are detailed. For post from UK to Op Herrick, Op Kipion & BFPO 622 the date is Fri 2 Dec 11. From BFPOs to UK by Airmail it is Tue 20 Dec 11 and for surface mail Tue 8 Dec 11. The last posting date to write to Santa and receive a reply before Christmas Day is Thu 8 Dec 11...More information »

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

AMP - 'Manning the Future'

Air Member for Personnel, Air Marshal Andy Pulford, has given a lecture entitled 'The RAF in 2020 and Beyond – Manning the Future’. The full script is here. He said: "The past year has been hard for our people both operationally and on the home front... I leave you with one personal thought from me... No matter what the future holds for my Service because of our people it will always be the best Air Force in the World...More information »

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Rt Hon Philip Hammond Steps up to the Plate

The Rt Hon Philip Hammond on is appointment as the new Secretary of State for Defence said: "I have always been a huge admirer of the professionalism and the dedication of our Armed Forces, so it is a real honour and privilege to be asked by the Prime Minister to take on this role...I look forward to working with them to help shape Defence for the better...More information »

Friday, 14 October 2011

CEA Review Announced

The long awaited Review into Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) was announced today. While the principles of the allowance remain the same there is a new restriction on the age range of eligible children and claims for Year 12 and 13 children who have not previously been in continuous receipt of CEA will no longer be permitted...More information »

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Housing Information Centre (HIC) Freephone system

To coincide with York HIC moving office w/c 17 October, the Housing Information Centre Telephone System is being relocated to the DIO HQ at Sutton Coldfield on a permanent basis....More information »

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Celebration of the Armed Forces at 'Downton Abbey'

The Earl and Countess of Carnarvon are hosting a day at Highclere Castle, (the real ‘Downton Abbey’) in celebration of the Armed Forces. BFBS will join the cast and crew of the ITV drama at the Castle in Newbury on the 16 Oct 11 broadcasting the event to troops around the world and will also be filming messages for the armed forces in Afghanistan. You are invited...More information »

CEA Review Announcement - TOMORROW

The long awaited Review into Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) is expected to be made tomorrow - Thu 13 Oct 11. It will be delivered as a written Parliamentary Statement. This Review follows the changes made to the CEA rules in Dec 10 and has been awaited for some time. As soon as we know the detail we will publish it on the site...More information »

The RAF Bands in Concert

Bands of the RAF begin their 'Unsung Heroes' Concert Tour on 26 Oct 11. Each of the 13 venues will feature one of the main RAF Bands. Concert Organiser Philippa Hayday-Brown said: “We hope the programme of music will provide an opportunity for reflection". The venues are: Birmingham, Manchester, Gateshead, Harrogate, London, Basingstoke, Bristol, Nottingham, Norwich, Southend, Poole, Ipswich and Eastbourne...More information »

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

RAF Photographic Competition Results 2011

For 22 years, the RAF has held a photographic competition in recognition of the skills and high standard of work of their trained photographers and to highlight that the RAF remains a global force and is on operations around the world. The RAF’s mission critical role in Libya alongside enduring commitments to operations in Afghanistan, the Falkland Islands and protecting the Homeland has provided significant diversity...More information »

Dr Liam Fox

Defence Secretary Dr Liam Fox has today made a statement to the House of Commons. In his statement he said: "Mr Speaker, I would like to take this opportunity to inform the House on my defence responsibilities in light of considerable media coverage. I accept that it was a mistake to allow distinctions to be blurred between my professional responsibilities and my personal loyalties to a friend. I am sorry for this...More information »

Air Dog Buster

Air Dog Buster, a nine-year-old English Springer Spaniel, is taking retirement after earning a row of campaign medals for his work in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. He will now go to live with his RAF Police Sergeant handler Michael 'Will' Barrow, his wife, Tracy, their children and their other two dogs. Sgt Barrow says Buster saved very many lives and was unflappable in the face of enemy action...More information »

Monday, 10 October 2011

Don't Bottle it Up

Today is World Mental Health Day. To mark the Army's mental health campaign 'Don't Bottle It Up' SSgt Vicky Charnock (33) shares her battle with depression to encourage others to face up to what might be the problem. She served in Bosnia, The Falklands, Germany, NI and Afghanistan. Vicky says: "I didn't really notice the signs and symptoms for what they were and the diagnosis came like a bolt out of the blue...More information »

Service Chiefs Reflect on 10 Years in Afghanistan

Over the weekend Defence Secretary Liam Fox and CDS Gen Sir David Richards have been reflecting on the decade-long campaign in Afghanistan. Gen Richards said: "We marks 10 years of British involvement in Afghanistan where almost 10,000 of our people continue to demonstrate the world class professionalism and determination for which they are renowned. They encapsulate all that is great about our Armed Forces...More information »

Job - RAFA Welfare Director c £50,000

The RAF Association are looking for a Director of Welfare at their Headquarters in Leicester. It is a full time post attracting a salary of c £50K. The charity are looking for someone with a relevant degree, strong business and care/welfare expertise including CQC compliance, vision, experience of writing and delivering strategy as well as managing change. The closing date for applications is 21 October...More information »

Exhibition at the Guildhall

Bomber Command and the Green Park Memorial Exhibition which has put together by the Bomber Command Association and the Royal Air Force Air Historic Branch. The Exhibition is currently at the Guildhall in the City of London and will be open until at least the end of October 2011...More information »

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Holiday Insurance - Do you have it covered?

Short-notice operational deployments, support to an unexpected civil emergency, or public events, can all throw the best laid holiday plans of those in uniform into disarray. At this time of year many RAF families are considering holidays for the year ahead and it might be a timely reminder to check the small print of insurance cover before you book to ensure refunds will be paid in the event of short-notice cancellations...More information »

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

RAF Display teams go the Extra Miles

On 11 Oct 11, a combined team of cyclists from the RAF’s Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and Red Arrows Display Team will attempt to cross the UK at its widest point from St David’s Head to Lowestoft. 400 miles in 4 days. Actor Ewan McGregor took time out of his filming schedule to give his support to the riders of the Jon Egging Coast to Coast Challenge. He said: “I wish the guys all the luck in the world...More information »

RAF Chefs are on Fire!

The RAF Culinary Arts Team have won the Challenge Shield at Ex Joint Caterer for the four consecutive year. Michelin-starred chef, Richard Corrigan said: "Coming from the restaurant scene we're all bound up in our world, but coming out to see the guys in the RAF cooking at this level is fantastic. I'm excited to see craftspeople working at a really high level, being passionate and totally committed to their profession...More information »

The RAF's Commitment to Libya

According to the MoD Op ELLAMY is in a significant phase. The UK Government has re-stated its commitment to continue to protect Libyan civilians from the threat of attack from former Regime forces for as long as is necessary. And since the start of military operations, RAF, Navy and Army Air Corps strikes have damaged or destroyed some 1,000 former regime targets...More information »

Monday, 3 October 2011

Beware large numbers of low-level Aircraft

MoD are warning that Exercise Joint Warrior will soon be is in full swing. The exercise will see air defence and maritime/land attack operations with large formations of aircraft and a great deal of low-level flying activity. It is likely that up to 40 aircraft will be taking part simultaneously. Areas of the country affected are Scotland, the Western Isles and North West Approaches, the Borders region and North East England...See full details

RAF Personnel Honoured for their Service on Operations

Ten members of the Royal Air Force have received honours and awards in the Operational Honours List dated 30 Sep 11. Flt Lt Peter Winn has been awarded The Queen’s Commendation for Bravery in the Air. A line of his citation reads: 'Winn retained a calm, professional attitude and completed the extraction with extraordinary gallantry and superb leadership...More information »

"I am a Huge Supporter of our Armed Forces"

One Show and Countryfile presenter Matt Baker will be on tea duty in Soho Square on Wed 5 Oct 11. Matt is hoping that his support for SSAFAs Big Brew Up will help raise money for the Armed Forces community and their families. SSAFA Forces Help is teaming up with The Hummingbird Bakery and whole leaf tea producer teapigs for this special tea party which is open to everyone from from 11am to 2.30pm...More information »

Tell Us Once - Only

From mid October, SPVA will be joining the cross-government Tell Us Once Service to offer a birth and bereavement service for Service personnel and veterans. Hopefully it will make things significantly easier for individuals reporting a birth or bereavement. Tell Us Once removes the need to report the same birth or bereavement to government multiple times...More information »