Wednesday, 27 October 2010

AFPRB Escapes Quango Axe

The Armed Forces Pay Review Body is a MoD sponsored quango. Following its review the Cabinet Office have announced that the AFPRB is one of the bodies which will remain. It is being retained 'on the grounds of performing a function which requires impartiality'. The Armed Forces' Pay Review Body provides independent advice on the remuneration and charges for members of the Armed Services...

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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The SDSR in Print

There are now two Government Documents on SDSR in the public domain. 'A Strong Britain in an Age of Uncertainty: The National Security Strategy' which sets out how the government will deliver the priorities identified in the National Security Strategy and 'Securing Britain in an Age of Uncertainty: The Strategic Defence and Security Review' which describes how the government will equip the UK forces to tackle the threats...

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The Plan for Redundancies

Following the outcome of the SDSR, the shape and size of the Defence workforce must be addressed. To achieve the required reduced Armed Forces Manning levels a compulsory redundancy programme will be required. Specific single Service information will be published in approximately 6 months time detailing the specifics and it is at this time that individuals will be able to apply for compulsory redundancy...

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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Body Blow - Dawn McCafferty, Chairman of the RAF Families Federation shares her concerns:

Chairman of the RAF FF shares her first thoughts on SDSR. "Uncertainty, has been created by the lack of a decision on some aspects of the SDSR. "It is corrosive to morale and we hope that the decisions will be made as quickly as possible so that personnel have some clarity and can make informed decisions about their own futures in the RAF. The reduction in the size of the RAF will undoubtedly cause significant pain to many RAF families who will find themselves potentially losing their home and their community and each job loss is a tragedy for the family concerned. People will be hoping for a redundancy package to soften the blow but we are less than sanguine that any financial package will be sufficient, when combined with the very poor job market outside and the swathe of cuts being enforced in other areas of public spending. It’s a cold wind blowing and there appears to be very little protection for those caught up in the force reduction programme...

SDSR - The Detail from CAS

SDSR - The Detail from CAS
"The requirement for an independent Royal Air Force was never in doubt. Nevertheless, Delivering this package is going to be a challenge for us as a Service and for you and me personally. It is a challenge we will confront as a team, working together to ensure that we continue to deliver the Air Power capability the nation requires of us, and that we have always delivered in the exemplary RAF way... 

Latest News from the Federation - Keeping the Ball Moving

Each quarter the RAF FF produce a update of its activities. Hopefully, if you are still unsure as to what we are about exactly, it will give you more of an idea of our day to day working; who we come into contact with and how we use the evidence you provide to make things happen. High level evidence work on the desk at the moment Includes: SDSR;The Armed Forces Pay Review Body; The Armed Forces Covenant; Entitlement to SFA; Support During Deployments; Recognition of Families; Childcare Costs...

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SDSR - Feed Your Comments Back to the RAF

In response to the SDSR announcement to be made by the Prime Minister at 3.30pm today, a forum has been created for individuals to leave their feedback. The forum is hosted within Airspace and accessible through either the RAF Main website or the RAF Community Support website 
The forum, like all the other forums now hosted within Airspace, is a place where individual Service personnel, their families and guest users, can post their comments and share their opinions with other users. There will be no official response to individual messages but they will be read!

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The Forum is live now!

Full details of the SDSR announcements and the impact on the RAF will be detailed on the Federation website from 3.30pm today.