Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Strategic Health Partnership to help Personnel

The Royal British Legion and Combat Stress have joined in partnership to carry out a three year programme focusing on the mental health needs of Armed Forces Services. This Department of Health Strategic Partnership programme seeks to cover a broad range of health issues faced by the Armed Forces community. A website in support of this work has now gone live...More information »

RAF Regiment personnel sent to help in Japan

Amongst those travelling to Japan to help with the crisis following the damage to the Fukushima nuclear power plant was a UK military Radiation Monitoring Team from 26 Sqn RAF Regiment. Flt Lt Trevor Slark-Hollis who lead the team said: "It is testament to the quality of the squadron personnel and the training they receive that they were able to deploy, at short notice and provide...More information »

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Decompression for All

For units returning from Afghanistan, Decompression has become a routine part of redeployment but until now has been restricted to Formed Unit personnel. In 2010 a trial was conducted to see if the success of Decompression could be as effective for Individual Augmentees. It is now agreed, and as of 11 May 11 Decompression is implemented for all Service personnel serving 31 days or longer on Op Herrick...More information »

Next Week is National Family Week

Half-term week is National Family Week, the largest annual celebration of families and family life in the UK. It is unique in that it provides an ideal opportunity for brands and not-for-profit organisations to engage with families, showcasing the work they all do to enhance family life. Their ambition is to encourage families to spend more time together. There are thousands of events going on around the country...More information »

All Specialist Pay is under Review

The Telegraph today reported that 'An internal MoD document reveals that all specialist pay across the Armed Forces is to undergo a thorough review'. The MoD have said, "The AFPRB have been formally asked by the MoD to undertake a full review of specialist pay...making their report in early 2012... The review will ensure that specialist pay goes to personnel who are actually in those specialist roles...More information »

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Specialist Pay - Parachuting

Reports in the media state that Paras returning from Afghanistan may face up to a 10% pay cut as defence chiefs seek to reduce costs. A MoD spokesman said: “Soldiers who remain fully trained to parachute will continue to receive specialist pay. The details of these changes are still being worked through". Since many RAF personnel receive the specialist pay for parachuting we await further announcements...More information »

The Report now sits with the Secretary of State

A Review Team headed by Martin Fuller was tasked to take an in-depth look at the Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) to see how the allowance might be changed in order to deliver necessary cost savings. We now know the Review team have produced their report to the Ministerial Reference Group and its recommendations now sit with the Secretary of State. An announcement is expected within the next few...More information »

Decompression for All

For units returning from Afghanistan, Decompression has become a routine part of redeployment but until now has been restricted to Formed Unit personnel. In 2010 a trial was conducted to see if the success of Decompression could be as effective for Individual Augmentees. It is now agreed, and as of 11 May 11 Decompression is implemented for all Service personnel serving 31 days or longer on Op Herrick...More information »

Our Stories in RAF News - Solve the Current Housing Problems First!

An SAC thought someone was having a laugh when he was called hours before the removal men arrived to be told he would have to cancel his move because the new quarter was not ready.  He then discovered it had been flooded months before, the ceiling was down and it required a new kitchen, new carpeting and redecoration throughout, none of which had been started. And no there wasn't anything that could be done...                   More Information

Use of Social Networking Sites in Theatre

The Daily Star has claimed that those on ops face a clampdown on using social networking sites. A MoD spokesman said: "Responsible use of social networking sites helps families and friends keep in touch with service personnel and allows our people to explain their work to the wider public. However, access to communications in operational theatres such as Afghanistan is restricted when there is a casualty...More information »

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Prima Baby - Calling Mothers of Pre-School Children

Prima Baby magazine are featuring a positive article on the different experiences of looking after children in our society today. Vicky Rolison writes, "We felt it was important to include the views and experiences of a woman whose partner is in the armed forces. We are looking for mothers who has at least one child of pre -school age, who can tell us what it's like to have their partner away from home for long periods...More information »

Monday, 23 May 2011

'Armed Forces staff make the perfect workers'

'Statistics show more than half of ex-military staff land a job within two months of leaving the Services...Armed Forces staff make the perfect workers. They're professional, motivated, organised and have integrity and loyalty. Used to working alone or as part of a team, they're focused on getting the job done. And they're not afraid of hard work. Top firms all recognise the benefits of ex-Forces...More information »

'Highly mobile Armed Forces Children need better Support'

'Service children who face regular moves from home and school can suffer high levels of anxiety and stress, especially when their parents deploy to armed conflicts overseas'. This is the conclusion of a report published by OFSTED today. Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector, Christine Gilbert, said: "Service children often attend many different schools. This makes continuity and progression in learning hard to achieve and there is more we should be doing...More information »

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Air Cdre Chris Green Dies Suddenly

Air Commodore Christopher Green, Commandant Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering and Station Commander RAF Cosford passed away during the night of 16/17 May 11, he was 52. AVM Mark Green said: “We are deeply saddened by the untimely death of Chris. He was the ultimate people person with the moral courage to do the right thing together with an infectious enthusiasm for life and the Service...More information »

Troops Leaving Afghanistan

There is wide media coverage of the Prime Minister's statement to the Commons Liaison Committee that 400 personnel on temporary deployments in Helmand are being withdrawn from Afghanistan following the successful completion of their missions. A MoD spokesman said: "This comprises return of RAF Regiment personnel from the Kandahar Airfield Force Protection task and those who assisted in UK strategic air hub...             More information »

RAF Yearbook 2011 is now Available

THE RAF’s rapid initial response to the recent Libyan Crisis and its continuing role in Operation Ellamy is uncovered in the 2011 Royal Air Force Yearbook. It also offers an insider's view of operations at Camp Bastion along with special reports and photos from the front-line at Kandahar airfield. Featuring articles by some of aviation’s most respected writers gives a fascinating insight. Price for the publication £4.99...More information »

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Armed Forces COVENANT - What it means for Personnel

Dawn McCafferty, Chairman of the RAF FF gives the Federation's view on what the Covenant now means for Service personnel and their families: "Recognising there could hardly be a worse time to publish a document that attempts to capture the way in which the Government and wider society values and recognises the contribution of the Armed Forces Community, we acknowledge that this is a step in the right direction and that legal reference to the existence of a Covenant is an important starting point... The frequent mention of the input of the Service Families Federations in identifying the needs of military families is very welcome and we are pleased to note the range of measures aimed at enhancing family life...More information »

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Duxford have launched an Airshow App

Imperial War Museum Duxford has launched a Smartphone App for the 2011 air show season. Carolyn Royston of the Museum said: “The App allows users to find out what's flying at all four air shows in real time. It allows access up-to-the-minute flight schedules and set reminders on flight times. It also contains a library of classic aeroplanes, images and stats and makes use of GPS to point users to the location of...More information »

Armed Forces Covenant - ANNOUNCEMENT

The Government has published the tri-Service Armed Forces Covenant for the first time today. With an amendment to the Armed Forces Bill, its principles will be enshrined in law. Liam Fox said: "The Armed Forces Covenant does not need to be a long and detailed charter. It should be a simple and timeless statement of the moral obligation that we owe...More information »

Monday, 16 May 2011

Art Competition Closing date is 1 Jun 11

SCSN is running a Service Children’s Art Competition around the theme, ‘Through the eyes of a Service Child’. So far the youngest entry is 7 months and the eldest entry 16 years. The entries received are delightful and heartbreaking. The closing date of 1st June is fast approaching so if your child thought they might like to enter but haven't yet, now is the time...See full details

The Military Covenant - 'Written Down for All to See'

The Prime Minister has spoken this weekend of plans for the principles of the military covenant to be written into law. An announcement is expected on Monday. He said: "Our Armed Forces Bill will ensure Parliament holds the government to account on the central principle of the covenant that military personnel will not suffer any disadvantage... In some areas we go further and make their needs a special case...More information »

New Reaper Sqn to form at Waddington

Chief of the Air Staff has announced today that a new Reaper Squadron will form at Waddington, which will mean the aircraft over Afghanistan will be controlled from the UK for the first time. ACM Sir Stephen Dalton, said: "I am confident that XIII Sqn’s reputation and distinguished history will be carried forward as it transitions to be a part of our Remotely Piloted Force employing the Reaper over Afghanistan...     See full details


The AQA Examination Board Specimen paper for English this week used what many in the armed forces would consider to be an inappropriate extract. The extract used was taken from a book by Asne Seierstad entitled 'The Bookseller of Kabul'. One headteacher fortunately stepped in at her own school and prevented a child whose father had been killed in Afghanistan last year from sitting the paper... Your comments please!...  

Thanksgiving Service for Gp Capt Barrett

A Service of Thanksgiving for the life and work of Group Captain Tomas Barrett OBE ADC MA RAF will be held on Friday 24 June 2011at 11am at the RAF Church of St Clement Danes, Strand, London. If you would like to attend please write to: Mrs Michèle Small, SO3 RAF Ceremonial Events, (Gp Capt Barrett), RAF Ceremonial Office, RAF Northolt to arrive by Fri 27 May... 

No Operational Allowance for those on Ellamy - at the moment

Media stories have run on British pilots flying ops in Libya not receiving 'the bonus for their dangerous mission, unlike their fellow servicemen in Afghanistan'. The lack of Operational Allowance for those on Ellamy even prompted a question in the House. In his reply Andrew Robathan said: "OA is to recognise the significantly increased and enduring nature of the danger...Libya is not considered as such at this time...               More information »

Revised Compensation Scheme Launched

Service personnel who become injured or ill as a result of their service will now be able to benefit from an even more comprehensive compensation package. From 9 May 11 all Service personnel and ex-Service personnel who submit a claim for AFCS compensation will have their claims assessed under the new rules. This means that they may benefit from several changes to the scheme...  See full details

Thursday, 12 May 2011

That's 'RAF Wife' is it?

The Telegraph ran a story 'The Duchess of Cambridge - The perfect army wife'. Judging by backlash of comments posted on their website there are enough people who take umbrage. The RAF Families Federation was contacted by the Telegraph reporter to ask what Kate could expect as the wife of a RAF Officer. But the paper then went on to write: 'Dream royal bride to perfect army wife' The Herald Sun did it too...More information »

Monday, 9 May 2011

Abandoned in Cyprus by the System

A family who have followed the flag, find themselves in Cyprus when their eldest son turns 18. Now abandoned by the military system he has no entitlement to square meterage to get his kit home again, no space on the trooper and no room in the SFA when he gets back to the UK.  His mother asks: 'Is this any way to treat the children of Service personnel?'  Click here for more

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Prime Minister issues statement on the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden

David Cameron has issued a statement on the death of Osama Bin Laden. He said: "The news will bring great relief to people across the world. Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the worst terrorist atrocities the world has seen - for 9/11 and for so many attacks, which have cost thousands of lives, many of them British. I would like to congratulate the US forces who carried out this brave action...More information »

Messages of Congratulations

As His Royal Highness Prince William and Catherine Middleton embark on their new lives together, the military community has sent their congratulations to the royal couple. Gp Capt Fraser Nicholson said, "On behalf of everyone on the Search and Rescue Force, I am delighted to be able to wish HRH Prince William and Catherine all the very best for a long, healthy and happy future together as husband and wife...More information »