Monday, 30 April 2012

Pay Errors at RAF Leeming

In today's Sun newspaper there is a report that a number of RAF personnel at Leeming have been asked to repay wages because they have been overpaid, some going back years. A MoD spokesman said: "We are currently undertaking a full review into this and apologise to those affected. Where repayment of monies is appropriate, procedures are in place to prevent any hardship to individuals...More information »

Locating surface-to-air missiles on Residential Flats...

Media sources are reporting that the MoD is evaluating sites for surface-to-air missiles for the Olympic Games and could place them on residential flats. In response a MoD has said: "As announced before Christmas, ground-based air defence systems could be deployed as part of a multi-layered air security plan for the Olympics. We can confirm site evaluations have taken place however, no final decision has yet been taken...More information »

Military Campaign Medals Under Review

The Prime Minister has announced that Sir John Holmes will carry out a fresh, independent review of the rules and principles governing the awarding of military campaign medals, taking account of the longstanding principles that have determined past decisions. The review will not consider individual gallantry awards, nor will it cover medals for long service or good conduct...More information »

MHS Call in extra Support to cope with Flood Damage

Modern Housing Solutions (MHS) are reporting that this weekend was the busiest for a year. Storms, rain, high winds, trees down, drains blocked have meant calls were 135% over the forecast and emergency jobs were triple the normal levels. The most hard pressed areas were the South East and South West, particularly Brize Norton. Call volumes are high again today (Monday). MHS have triggered all contingencies...More information »

Reducing Troop numbers in Afghanistan

The way in which UK forces will achieve a reduction of 500 Service personnel in Afghanistan by the end of the year has been announced by Defence Secretary. Philip Hammond said:"This announcement reflects the continuing progress being made by the Afghan security forces. "The ever greater ability of the Afghans to manage their own security. The majority of the 500 British troops being withdrawn will be combat...More information »

Thursday, 26 April 2012

HASC - New Map and Contact Details for Customers

A new Housing Allocations Service Centre (HASC) area map has been issued by DIO. The map also provides contact details. Whilst Service personnel are encouraged to use the e-1132 when applying for a quarter there may be occasion where customers need to send information to the HASC. DIO have therefore listed postal address, fax numbers and email addresses...More information »

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Please Spare 10 Minutes

The RAF FF survey on the fallout of the SDSR and your thoughts on the Armed Forces Covenant will close on Monday (30 Apr). If you are serving in the RAF or are a family member of someone who is and haven't completed the questionnaire could we ask you to... The Federation is being asked more and more questions by senior RAF, MoD staffs and Ministers what RAF personnel and families think and one of the best ways of gathering your thoughts is via the internet. The survey is straight forward and anonymous and gives plenty of space for you to make additional comments should you wish to. Don't worry if you know nothing, or little, about these subjects - we are interested in your answers anyway... Please click on the 'For Survey Click here' button to participate...More information »

Government Publicly thanks Personnel for Op Ellamy

More than 100 Service personnel have been publicly thanked by the Government for their contribution to military operations over Libya at a reception at the Palace of Westminster. The Speaker, John Bercow, said: "The response of Members of Parliament and Peers is a testament to the high regard in which we hold them, and our respect for their service...More information »

Duxford nominated as 'Britain's Best Heritage Attraction'

The Imperial War Museum, Duxford are delighted to announce that it has been nominated as Britain’s best heritage attraction in the Countryfile Magazine Awards. The shortlist of nominees was compiled by BBC One Countryfile presenter Jules Hudson, he said: “Duxford’s historic airfield and its collections dedicated to aircraft, land warfare and conservation are without doubt my favourite...More information »

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Is there a Garden Project in need of Transformation?

We have received a message from Zara Akester who is working on a new gardening series for BBC One to transform gardens, or outside spaces, for good causes. Zara writes: "Renegrade Pictures would like to highlight the sacrifice and immeasurable support offered by the families of servicemen and women and was wondering if anyone knew of a garden/outside space project desperate for transformation...More information »

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Lost Spitfire Pilot found 70 Years on

The body of Sgt William Smith, presumed to have been lost in the English Channel in 1942, has been found by a British film crew looking for the wreckage of another Spitfire in a field in France. Sgt Smith's nephew said: “My father was shocked but somewhat relieved to hear the news...More information »

Red Arrows to be 'Curtain Raiser' for the Olympics

With 100 days to go the Olympic Committee have announced that the Red Arrows will perform a nine-ship flypast in their 'Big Battle' formation at locations around the UK to mark the opening ceremony of the Games on 27 Jul 12, providing a stunning curtain-raiser to the show. OC, Red 1, Sqn Ldr Jim Turner, said: "The Red Arrows are honoured to represent both the Royal Air Force and the very best of British...More information »

MoD 'Are Not' buying a Replacement for the MRA4

The Daily Mail today claims that the MoD is considering buying a replacement for the Nimrod MRA4. The MoD categorically denied this: "This is not true. The paper has inaccurately reported the comments made by AVM Mark Green at a House of Commons Defence Committee meeting yesterday. He was answering a hypothetical question about which aircraft the MoD would look to buy if it felt a replacement was...More information »

May Bank Holiday at the Imperial War Museum

This May Bank Holiday the Imperial War Museum at Duxford is promising fun for all. The Museum invites you to: Take a trip back to Britain during WW2; Meet Beattie, their 1940s housewife costumed character who will be camped out in an Anderson shelter and available to chat about life and the challenges she faces; And the Spring car show. All activities are included in the standard admission. Under 16s go free...More information »

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Our Stories in RAF News - Is Anyone Thinking about the Children?

A worried mum tells of the issues with her daughter who has had to be taken out of boarding school because her husband's assignment has been reassessed as ‘stable’ from a CEA perspective.  The family accept the reason for withdrawing funding, but are worried about the major and negative impact on their child.  After spending four years in the system the daughter is finding it really hard to settle, is anxious and depressed. This worried mum wants those who make the rules about continuity of education to realise the impact that moving a young child from a secure environment can have on those the system is looking to protect. Click here

Monday, 16 April 2012

In the Interest of the Ospreys

A no low fly zone been put in place in the Dyfi valley in mid Wales to ensure the safety of Monty and Nora, a pair of ospreys that have returned to the area to breed. The Community Relations Officer for Wales, Sqn Ldr Albi Fox said: "We are quite happy to work with Mongomeryshire Wildlife Trust to see that aircraft stay at 500ft...More information »

RAF - A Top Employer for Women

For the second year the RAF has made The Times Top 50 Employers for Women list. AMP, AM Andy Pulford said: "I am delighted that the RAF has, once again, been recognised for its innovation, best practice and outstanding efforts to promote gender issues in the workplace". Gp Capt Ian Tolfts said: "Quite simply, the RAF is a meritocracy, an organisation where talent, not gender, race or sexuality, is recognised...More information »

Our Stories in RAF News - Anger over plans for the Games

An angry wife whose husband has spent five years serving with a highly mobile team and has missed important family events. The lady says she didn't mind and they simply got on with it. However, she is now hearing that Armed Forces personnel will be used for the Olympic Games and that the Olympic Committee /Government are saying 'It will be a wonderful honour for serving personnel'. This lady doesn't think so, as yet again, it will be the family left at home... Click here

Sunday, 15 April 2012

QRA Typhoons Scrambled

13 April 2012 : Last night, two QRA Typhoons were scrambled from RAF Coningsby in response to a civilian aircraft transmitting inadvertently on an emergency frequency and out of radio communication with Air Traffic Control. Authorisation was given for one of the Typhoons to transit at supersonic speed over land, which resulted in the sonic boom heard by the public in the West Midlands, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset and...More information »

Surgeon Captain Morgan O’Connell on BFBS this Sunday

Forces Life on BFBS this Sunday has an extended interview with Surgeon Capt Morgan O’Connell, former Consultant Advisor in Psychiatry to the Medical Director General (Navy). During his time, Morgan introduced the SPRINT (Special Psychological Rapid Intervention Team), the forerunner of the TRIM. He reflects on the period of the Falklands conflict when dealing with those under fire in the heat of battle and how he...More information »

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A few places left on SSAFAs Short Breaks

There are a couple of places still available on the siblings holiday running at the YMCA Fairthorne Manor, Southampton, 3-9 Jun 12 and a couple of places on the holiday for young people with an additional need or disability at Calvert Trust Adventure Centre on Exmoor running 4-9 Aug 12. Please ring SSAFA if you are interested in your child attending either of these fun adventure breaks...More information »

RAF vs Army Rugby Clash today at RAF Halton

The first rugby match of the season between the RAF and Army is being played today at 2.30pm. For the first time the match is to be played at RAF Halton. The Babcock Inter-Services Championship has been contested since 1920. The RAF, Navy and Army each field three teams. The dates of the matches are: RAF v Army - 11 Apr 12; Navy v RAF - 18 Apr 12; Army v Navy - 28 Apr 12...More information »

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Afternoon Tea - Courtesy of Fortnum and Mason

In the spirit of Fortnum and Mason's tradition to provide home comforts to British Armed Forces on active service and in honour of our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the company have created a special tin, containing Queen Anne tea and Clotted Cream Digestives. The tins have been dispatched to 15,000 service personnel. The remaining 7,000 tins are being sold with £1 from each sale going to SSAFA...More information »

Thursday, 5 April 2012

DIO Trouble...

Families may be aware DIO are going through some significant changes at the moment. Unanticipated problems and delays with the recruitment process, which are outside the control of DIO, means the HASC teams are not yet at their required manning levels and DIO have had to make the decision to continue with their limited hours of operation. The Federation team is closely monitoring the situation and all evidence...More information »

Monday, 2 April 2012

Do You have Access to AIRSPACE?

AIRSPACE is a controlled access web-based community for serving RAF personnel; their family members; RAF reservists and senior retired officers. Airspace shares UNCLASSIFIED information of interest to members. Up to 3 guest members may be registered to each full members account. Also on the site are forums, making it the ideal way to stay in touch with what is going on especially during deployments...More information »

The RAF - Does the Nation Really Care?

The SDSR resulted in the grounding of the much-loved Nimrod R1 and Harrier, the future closure of RAF Kinloss and Leuchars, a cut in allowances and a 2-Phase redundancy programme to reduce the RAF to its lowest level ever. At the same time, the Government published the first Armed Forces Covenant, enshrined in law, and promising to deliver enhanced support to serving personnel and their families. The Covenant made over 100 commitments to identify and address disadvantage arising from service in the Armed Forces. As part of our remit to represent the RAF family view, the Federation is running a survey to inform future policy development on these important issues. It is live during April (only). It asks whether or not you consider the Nation to be behind its RAF and seeks your views on the impact of the SDSR and your understanding and expectations of the Covenant. Click on the survey icon above to go straight to the survey...More information »