Thursday, 28 April 2011

Building the Bouncing Bomb - Channel 4, Mon 2 May

In 1943, visionary aircraft designer Barnes Wallis designed a very special bomb that would bounce across water, destroy German dams and strike at the heart of the Nazi industrial war machine. Now Cambridge engineer Dr Hugh Hunt is going to attempt to solve this scientific puzzle. Starting from scratch, he will rediscover the brilliance of Wallis' achievement. The programme is on Channel 4, Mon 2 May at 8pm...More information »

Ernie Taylor talks about the Royal Wedding Flypast

Flt Lt Ernie Taylor will captain the Lancaster at the head of the flypast for the Royal Wedding. He said, "It is a very special day and it is an honour to be a part of it". In total there will be seven aircraft, the Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane followed thirty seconds later by two Tornados and two Typhoons in box formation...More information »

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Salute to the Royal Couple

When the royal couple stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Friday the RAF salute will be led by Sqn Ldr Ian Smith OC BBMF. He said: "Prince William is a RAF officer in his own right and has been patron of the BBMF since 2008 so this is very fitting. You will see Battle of Britain aircraft fly over the palace, entirely on time, at 1330 hrs." The second part of the formation will follow 30 seconds later and will consist...More information »

Thursday, 21 April 2011

ACAS' words at the Air Power Association Dinner

ACAS spoke at the Air Power Association Dinner this week. His script summaries the RAF message on Ops, SDSR and Future Force 2020. AVM North said, "Sitting in the privileged position that I do, I am proud of the way in which the RAF rose to meet the twin challenges of Afghanistan and Libya. We must recognise that our ability to meet these critical operational demands has only been possible because of the willingness, skill and ethos of the men and women in the Royal Air Force...More information »

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Experienced British Military Officers to Advise

William Hague, has announced that the National Security Council has decided to expand the diplomatic team already in Benghazi to include a military liaison advisory team drawn from experienced British military officers. He said: "Our officers will not be involved in training or arming the opposition's fighting forces, nor will they be involved in the planning or execution of the NTC's military operations...More information »

Your Opportunity to try Triathalon...

The event – where you can swim, cycle and run – will be held at the Dorney Lake Rowing Centre at Eton on Sat 25 Jun 11. This stunning venue is lined up for the Olympics and will guarantee a swim in a calm freshwater lake and both the cycle ride and run on traffic free roads.The triathlon is raising donations for Help For Heroes and has been designed to suit everyone from expert to those trying it for the first time...More information »

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Meet Voyager

The MoD announces the arrival of Voyager, the RAF’s largest ever aircraft. Named by the RAF, it has a sixty metre wingspan and is nearly sixty metres in length. The aircraft arrived at Boscombe Down and is the future strategic tanker aircraft. It will now undergo intensive testing and trials. AOC 2 Group said: "As we have seen over the last few weeks, an effective tanker and transport force is an essential ingredient...More information »

ITV1 Jeremy Kyle Learns to Drive - Military Style

In a new series on ITV1 Jeremy Kyle finds out exactly what it takes to be a driver in the British Armed Forces by joining the team at the Defence School of Transport at Leconfield. Over the course of 12 weeks Jeremy follows a group of trainees learning to drive for the first time and a group of experienced soldiers who are learning to drive highly specialist vehicles ready for Afghanistan. Episode one is at 7.30pm on 19 Apr...More information »

Flt Lt Wales Invites RAF Friends to his Wedding

Prince William has invited RAF friends and colleagues to his wedding. Twenty-seven fellow crew members from C Flight 22 Sqn have been invited to the wedding with their partners. Sqn Ldr Iain 'Spike' Wright, Prince William's Flt Cdr said he was 'dumbfounded' by the invitation he received. Flt Lt Thomas 'Sticky' Bunn, added, “First of all I couldn’t believe it. When that envelope drops through the door with a Buckingham Palace stamp...   More information »

A Head Start for Bereaved Service Children

The Coalition Government undertook to provide university and further education scholarships for children of service personnel who have been killed on active duty since 1990. The Education Scholarship Scheme has now been launched and aims to give the children of those who have died in the service of their country a head start in life by enabling them to obtain a university degree or further education training     See full details

Monday, 18 April 2011

No Return for the Harriers

An article on The Sun's front page today suggests the MoD should bring Harriers out of retirement. The MoD said in a statement: "The SDSR was developed to deliver an adaptive posture. As we are proving in Libya, our Armed Forces have the capability to project power and influence at very short notice. The SDSR retained Tornado GR4s over Harrier because of Tornado's proven ground attack capability...More information »

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Our Stories in RAF News - I am Absolutely Petrified

The wife of a serviceman is petrified about what is going on. She worries that after a long commitment to the RAF her husband could lose his job. She worries that he may not even qualify for a full pension if he isn't allowed to reach his full-term exit point.  She fears the Government will change the allowances so we won't get the resettlement money they were counting on to get a mortgage after years of living in SFA. Click here for story

Teenagers Worry Too...

Teenagers are of an age where they may not like to show weakness. But periods of deployment of someone they love can be very unsettling particularly with the media regularly focusing on the bad news. RAF Community Support have teamed up with the Victoria Chart Company to create a Deployment Journal in the hope it will encourage teenagers to put pen to paper, express their thoughts and help them through...More information »

Monday, 11 April 2011

MoD Wade-in over Harrier Pilot Pay-Off Row

The MoD have stepped in over the row reported in the Mail on Sunday. Their provocative headline reads: 'RAF Harrier pilots given £100,000 pay-off...but their Navy counterparts will receive nothing'. A MoD spokeswoman said, "This story is completely untrue. In the RN, about fifteen trained Harrier pilots will be selected for redundancy. No trained pilots in the RAF are eligible for redundancy in this first tranche...More information »

BBC MasterChef at RAF Northolt

Join MasterChef’s John Torode and Gregg Wallace as they take over the Officers' Mess at RAF Northolt and transport the audience back to the 1940s to celebrate veterans of the Battle of Britain. John Torode said: “Our chefs thought it an absolute honour to be cooking for Battle of Britain veterans and they handled the pressure brilliantly! It is what MasterChef is all about - sharing great food with great people...More information »

Current Attitudes of the Serving RAF

The MoD uses the Continuous Attitude Survey to collect information on the attitudes and opinions of serving personnel. On the positive side RAF personnel were more satisfied with x-factor, JPA, periods away, quality and cost of accommodation. On the negative side, personnel were less happy with allowances. Officers were less satisfied with RAF life in general and considered morale to be low...More information »

Rocking outside College Hall this Summer

Queen guitarist Brian May and West End and Broadway star Kerry Ellis are to top the bill at Cranwell this summer. Following their successful ANTHEMS tour Kerry and Brian will perform outside College Hall on Sat 16 Jul 11. Stn Cdr, Gp Capt Dave Waddington said: “ I’m very grateful to both Brian and Kerry in agreeing to perform for us and making what would otherwise be an enjoyable event into a truly outstanding...More information »

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Military Working Dog Have Their Day

Dog handlers from 104 Military Working Dog Sqn have taken part in a medal ceremony of their own. Col Neil Smith, Head of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps said: "Every one of you can be very, very proud of all you have achieved. There are people, service personnel and Afghans who owe their lives to what you and your dogs have achieved...More information »

111 (Fighter) Sqn takes its Leave after 94 Years

The RAF has said farewell to Leuchars based 111 (Fighter) Sqn as it took its leave after 94 years. Stn Cdr Air Cdre Harry Atkinson said: "This disbandment is part of our successful transition to the future as the Tornado F3 is retired from service and the Typhoons of Number 6 Sqn take post. Wg Cdr Mark Gorringe, OC 111 (Fighter) Sqn said: "The squadron will leave Leuchars with our heads held high...More information »

Quick Vote - SDSR

Quick Vote - In light of current RAF commitments do you consider the SDSR should be be revisited before the due date of 2015?  Click here to vote

Further Tornados Commited to Op Ellamy

The Prime Minister has committed a further four GR4's to Operation Ellamy. The deployment of the additional aircraft will take place this week. In total, it brings the number of RAF fast jets on the operation to twenty-two. Ten Typhoons from Coningsby and twelve Tornados from Marham. It is thought the extra aircraft and crews will be filling the gaps left by the US as they reduce their commitment in Libya...More information »

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Government Consultation on Special Educational Needs and Disability

The Directorate Children and Young People is a new directorate. It has the Defence wide responsibility for ensuring all Service children and young people have the best possible opportunities to fulfil their potential. The Directorate is keen to bring to the notice of as many Service families as possible the recently issued Government Green Paper entitled 'Support and Aspiration: a New Approach to Special Educational Needs and Disability'...

Monday, 4 April 2011

RAF to Play a Significant Part in the Royal Wedding

Service personnel involvement in the Royal wedding has been announced. As well as Prince William's role as a RAF SAR pilot he is also Honorary Air Commandant of RAF Coningsby and Patron of the BBMF. Many RAF personnel will be involved in the celebration. CDS said, "For those in the path-lining party it will be a particular and poignant honour as many will have served alongside Prince William...More information »

CAS tells the Guardian, "It's a heck of a lot to be doing at one time"

Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Dalton has been speaking to the Guardian. In an interview with Nick Hopkins their defence correspondent, CAS said, "On current planning, we can continue in Afghanistan, the Falklands and Libya with what we have got. But that does bring you nearer the point that you have just about exhausted the bag. It's a heck of a lot to be doing at one time...More information »

Saturday, 2 April 2011

The 2010 RAF FF Annual Report

The 2010 RAF FF Annual Report is now available. Included are the top level results of the evidence gathered last

Cottesmore Farewell

RAF personnel from Cottesmore took part in a farewell parade and service of thanksgiving yesterday. The streets of Cottesmore and Oakham were lined with people. Edward Baines, Chairman of Rutland County Council, said: "The Cottesmore base is part of the community. RAF families have lived here for three generations and we shall miss them dreadfully...More information »

Shattered Dreams...

The father of a RAF trainee navigator has written a heartfelt letter to the Telegraph. Edward Hedges writes, "My child will be leaving the RAF as a navigator because of the defence cuts... In the coming weeks, scores of trainee RAF pilots, navigators and NCO aircrew will be marching out of the camp gates to the job centre...Where should these young people take their hopes and dreams now...More information »

Dawn Goes Before the Defence Select Committee

Yesterday Dawn McCafferty, Chairman of the RAF Families Federation was invited to give evidence before the Defence Select Committee. The inquiry is the first in a series looking at the military covenant and the welfare support given to members of the Armed Forces including members of the Reserve Forces and veterans. Dawn spoke on behalf of RAF Serving personnel and their families. Following the session Dawn said: "It was interesting to see the Families Federations offered the first evidence session... By starting this Inquiry from the family’s perspective, the Committee is clearly committed to understanding the impact of either a death or a serious injury on the wider family... My key messages to the Inquiry included my observation that the RAF is clearly committed to delivering the best support it can to families facing such tragic, difficult and often life-changing circumstances...I welcomed the opportunity to contribute to this Inquiry and hope that the Committee will provide a focus on all aspects of post casualty care...More information »